Our business was thought of as the best in town. We choose the best to sell it.
James Goler, Pennsylvania
The money from the sale of our business is going to last us the rest of our lives. The professionalism of your VR office and all of their staff made us comfortable that we could trust them with such an important decision.
Paul Davis, New York
It was time to retire and not only did VR Mergers & Acquisitions sell our three dry cleaners, they brought in experts, at no cost, to meet with us on how to plan the tax structure of the sale. We could feel safe that the proceeds from the sale would end up with us and not being paid out in taxes.
Theodore Palms, Colorado
VR has now sold three businesses for my husband and I over the past 15 years. Your franchisee has been great to us.
Mark Spitzner, Texas
My partner was told by another broker that they sell 1 out of 5 businesses they list for sale. That average could not even keep you in the minor leagues. When we met with the VR owner, (who was 90 miles from us) we learned that VR sells over 41% of its businesses and over 85% if a valuation is completed. We are so happy we chose VR, because our business was sold in 65 days. Thank-you VR.
Samuel Boone, North Carolina
We contacted four different companies to talk about selling. Only VR had a physical office and two of the companies in the Yellow Pages never even returned our calls. We wanted the buyers to respect who we were working with, so VR was the only choice.
Harry Carpenter, Florida
I felt confident that my business was being marketed to only people that could ultimately buy it. VR Mergers & Acquisitions let me concentrate on running the business, until the sale was complete. Their professionalism during the process has made me consider joining them.
Thomas Lane, California
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