Selling Process

VR Mergers and Acquisitions located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania employs a twelve-step proven process for clients that are inquiring about selling their business.

Throughout the process, we stay in close communication with each client to ensure that they are fully informed.

The process that our firm uses is illustrated below.

1. Establish Relationship with Client

  • Understand client goals and objectives.
  • Discuss all options.
  • Educate client about the selling process.

2. Assess Company and Conduct Analysis

  • Obtain information and financials.
  • Understand market position.
  • Identify limiting factors.
  • Determine valuation range.

3. Commit to Process

  • Review valuation range.
  • Discuss options.
  • Reach decision.
  • Sign engagement agreement.

4. Identify Potential Buyers

  • Research strategic, synergistic and financials of potential buyers.
  • Develop strategy to reach each buyer group.
  • Design contact process to create greatest level of competition among potential buyers.

5. Profile Company

  • Conduct owner interviews.
  • Research industry.
  • Complete comprehensive analysis.

6. Marketing Package

  • Prepare confidential summary.
  • Prepare confidential business review.
  • Focus on unique value drivers of the company.

7. Market to Potential Buyers

  • Proactively contact potential buyers.
  • Screen interested parties.
  • Obtain confidentiality agreements.
  • Provide Confidential Business Review.

8. Evaluate Offers and Negotiate

  • Provide analysis and feedback on offers to sellers.
  • Negotiate price, terms, deal structure with buyers.

9. Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • Negotiate Letter(s) of Intent that meet seller goals.

10. Facilitate Due Diligence

  • Serve as liaison between buyer and seller with regard to due diligence.
  • Review due diligence list, time line, etc. for feasibility and necessity.

11. Execute Purchase Agreement

  • Review purchase agreement to ensure that it follows framework of LOI and price, terms, structure discussed.
  • Provide feedback to seller, buyer and other advisors (CPAs, attorneys).
  • Facilitate execution of the final purchase agreement.

12. Manage Closing Process

  • Facilitate the closing.
  • Ensure that all documents are prepared.
  • Coordinate and communicate with seller, buyer and their respective advisors.

You may accept the offer as presented or leverage our expertise to help you structure a counter-offer.

Schedule a confidential appointment with our agent and develop your exit strategy and prepare your business for sale.

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